By Steve Jones w/ Ben Thompson
De Capo Press 2017

A review by Alexander Laurence

There have been a lot of books coming out about rock music and specifically punk rock. I have read recent ones about the LA Punk scene, The Cure, and The Replacements, and others. They all seem to look back wistfully to forty years ago with the perspective of being clean and sober, and maybe free of any sordid details of sex and drugs. There have been a number of Sex Pistols books and documentaries; there are a few about Sid Vicious alone. The story of the Sex Pistols has been told and mis-told several times. Maybe this book is the first one that explains where it all came from, not from someone’s ego, or imagination, but from West London, retold by the only real member of the band.

We start in Shepherd’s Bush in the 1960s. There is an episode where Jones and all the neighborhood kids recognize Jack Wild and follow him around town. He recalls that he was into the skinhead movement, which was itself a continuation of the mod thing. Jones was born in 1955, at the birth of rock and roll. His parents were teds. Jones never knew his father, Don Jarvis. Although his childhood wasn’t horrible, he imagined having different parents when watching television. He grew up in Hammersmith with his grandparents and uncles.

Everything was great until his mother hooked up with a guy. There was poverty and a stepfather to deal with. He felt unwelcome in his new haunts, which he compares to Eraserhead. Jones deals with a few local pedophiles. Some young girl pulls her pants. Jones develops a taste for theft, pornography, and being a peeping tom, at age ten. When his mother goes to the hospital for a week, he is violated by his stepfather. Jones soon hears “Purple Haze” from a window, and meets fellow Sex Pistol Paul Cook at school. Things are looking up.

Jones loses his virginity with some girl at Battersea Park. He becomes a sex addict at 13. At the time he hadn’t tasted alcohol or tried drugs. He soon becomes a peeping tom and kleptomaniac. He steals cars all day and discovers glam rock. Jones becomes a massive fan of Rod Stewart and The Faces. As Jones becomes more estranged from his parents, his life meets up with the path of Malcolm McLaren.

Since Jones has stolen so much gear over the years, it makes sense that he and Cook should form a band. With the support of Malcolm and the punk scene that is developing, we have the seeds of The Sex Pistols. Jones was once a street urchin, and now he is in the center of the new wave. What follows is much of the Sex Pistols’ history, from Denmark Street to Winterland. All of Jones’ sex history and missed opportunities are remembered. His drug addiction and post-Pistols life are remarked upon. Till we get to his present day life in Los Angeles, as a radio personality on KLOS. Very moving stuff.

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The Molochs Share "Charlie's Lips" Video Via L.A. Times | 'America's Velvet Glory' Out Now

The Molochs Share "Charlie's Lips" Video Via L.A. Times

Stream New LP Via Hype Machine

Monday Night Residency At The Echo Continues Tonight

 'America's Velvet Glory' Out Now Via
Innovative Leisure

WATCH & SHARE:  The Molochs - "Charlie's Lips"
LISTEN & SHARE: The Molochs - 'America's Velvet Glory
The L.A. Times has featured The Molochs video for their third single "Charlie's Lips". The song follows two prior singles "No More Cryin' " and "You And Me", all of which can be found on their new album 'America's Velvet Glory' album which is out now via Innovative Leisure and can be streamed on Hype Machine.

The band has also began their month long L.A. Residency. All shows will be on Monday night atThe Echo and are free.
First, let’s meet Moloch. You remember him, right? The ancient god, the child eater, the demander of sacrifice, the villain in Ginsberg’s Howl(and also real life) and now the personal antagonist of singer and songwriter Lucas Fitzsimons, who named his band the Molochs because he knew he’d have to make sacrifices to get what he needed, and because he always wanted a reminder of the Ginsbergian monster he’d be fighting against. And so this is how you make a record right now: you fight for every piece, and when Moloch takes apart your relationships and career potential and leaves you sleeping on couches or living in terrifying apartments and just about depleted from awful people involving you in their awful decisions, you grab a bottle of wine (and laugh at the clichĂ©) and put together another song. And once you do that eleven hard-won times in total, you get a record like America’s Velvet Glory: honest, urgent, desperate and fearless because of it.

Fitzsimons came to his calling in an appropriately mythic way, born in a historic city not far from Buenos Aires and raised in L.A.’s South Bay—just outside of Inglewood—where he was immersed in the hip-hop hits on local radio. (Westside Connection!) The summer d before he started middle school, a close friend got an electric guitar, and Fitzsimons felt an enirresistible inexplicable power: “I'd go back home and I’d look up guitar chords on the internet—even though I had no guitar—and just imagine how I WOULD play them. I was slowly getting obsessed.” When he was 12, his parents took him back to Argentina, and on the first night, he discovered a long-forgotten almost-broken classical guitar in the basement of his ancestral home: “It sounds made-up, but it’s true,” he says. “I didn't put the guitar down once that whole trip—took it with me everywhere and played and played. When I got back to L.A., I bought my first guitar practically as the plane was landing.”
This started a long line of bands and a long experience of learning to perform in public, as Fitzsimons honed intentions and ideas and tried to figure out why that guitar seemed so important. After a trip to India in 2012, he returned renewed and ready to start again, scrapping his band to lead something new and uncompromising. This was the true start of the Molochs: “It didn't make any sense to not do everything exactly the way I wanted to do it,” he says. “I was so shy and introverted that singing publicly sounded like a nightmare come true. But I didn't have a choice—I heard something inside of me and I needed to be the one to express it.”

The first album Forgetter Blues was released with Fitzsimons’ guitarist/organist and longtime bandmate Ryan Foster in early 2013 on his own label—named after a slightly infamous intersection in their then-home of Long Beach—and was twelve songs of anxious garage-y proto-punk-y folk-y rock, Modern Lovers demos and Velvet Underground arcana as fuel and foundation both. It deserved to go farther than it did, which sadly wasn’t very far. But it sharpened Fitzsimons and his songwriting, and after three pent-up years of creativity, he was ready to burst. So he decided to record a new album in the spirit of the first, and in the spirit of everything that the Molochs made so far: “I wanted to spend less time figuring out HOW we were gonna do something and just actually do it.”

The result is America’s Velvet Glory, recorded with engineer Jonny Bell at effortless (says Fitzsimons) sessions at Long Beach’s JazzCats studio. (Also incubator for Molochs’ new labelmates Wall of Death and Hanni El Khatib.) It starts with an anxious electric minor-key melody and ends on a last lonesome unresolved organ riff, and in between comes beauty, doubt, loss, hate and even a moments or two of peace. There are flashes of 60s garage rock—like the Sunset Strip ’66 stormer “No More Cryin’” or the “Little Black Egg”-style heartwarmer-slash-breaker “The One I Love”—but like one of Foster’s and Fitzsimons’ favorites the Jacobites, the Molochs are taking the past apart, not trying to recreate it.

You can hear where songs bend, where voices break, where guitars start to shiver and when strings are about to snap; on “You And Me,” you can almost hear Lou Reed’s ghost call for a solo, and on “I Don’t Love You,” you get that subway-sound guitar and find out what happens when Jonathan Richman’s G-I-R-L-F-R-E-N goes wrong. And of course there’s the charismatic chaos of bootleg basement-tape Dylan—always Dylan, says Fitzsimons—and the locked-room psychedelia of Syd Barrett, especially on “Charlie’s Lips,” Fitzsimons’ ode to—or antidote to—those times when he felt the bleakness completely: “Then a bird lands on a branch nearby, you hear leaves fluttering, you hear a child laughing … all of a sudden things don't seem so bad anymore.”

So Moloch might still be out there, devouring his sacrifices, but the Molochs are still fighting, too. And that’s why Fitzsimons picked the band name—it’s so he remembers what he’s up against. He’s not celebrating the destroyer of youth and individuality and creativity, he says: “I’m just keeping him in sight so that he doesn't win.” – Christopher Ziegler
1/16 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
1/23 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
1/30 - The Echo, Los Angeles, CA
2/9 - Constellation Room - Santa Ana, CA
2/10 - Soda Bar - San Diego, CA
2/24 - Noise Pop Festival - San Francisco, CA
2/25 - The Crepe Place - Santa Cruz, CA
3/13 - 3/20 - SXSW
5/22 - The Shacklewell Arms - London UK
5/23 - The Montague Arms - London, UK
5/31 - 6/4 - Primavera Sound Festival - 
America's Velvet Glory - TRACKLISTING
01. Ten Thousand
02. No Control
03. Charlie's Lips
04. That's the Trouble with You
05. The One I Love
06. Little Stars
07. No More Cryin
08. You and Me
09. New York
10. I Don't Love You
11. You Never Learn

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John Lydon To Release 'Mr Rotten's Songbook'--Celebrating 40 Years Of Songwriting Across the Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd (PiL)

MARCH 31, 2017
John Lydon
Photo credit: © Paul Heartfield 2012.
In celebration of 40 years of songwriting across both the SEX PISTOLS andPUBLIC IMAGE LTD (PiL) eras, JOHN LYDON is delighted to announce the personal and truly exclusive publication of MR ROTTEN'S SONGBOOK. Due out March 31, 2017 and limited to 1000 copies, MR ROTTEN'S SONGBOOK is available to pre-order now via: https://mrrottenssongbook.concertlive.com. ***See the Q&A with JOHN LYDON below.
Presented in glorious, luxury large format (370x290mm portrait), MR ROTTEN'S SONGBOOK features never before seen artwork as well as annotated song lyric sheets spanning LYDON's entire career all written in his own hand. As the book unfolds, each album is featured with an exclusive introduction to the songs fromJOHN as well as the original cover and hand-drawn artwork from LYDON to beautifully bind the lyrics to their meanings. MR ROTTEN'S SONGBOOK gives fresh insight into the purpose behind the words that have shaped over four decades of his songwriting career. Every one of the book's three-hundred, handcrafted pages reflect JOHN working night and day over the final six months of 2016. Each book is hand signed by the man himself and individually numbered.
MR ROTTEN'S SONGBOOK: Cover and original artwork by John Lydon. Photo link: http://msopr.com/files/mr_rottens_songbook.jpg 
Always outspoken, controversial and sincere, JOHN LYDON, formerly Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and then lead singer in Public Image Ltd (PiL),John Lydon has secured a prime position as one of the most recognizable icons in the annals of music history. As Johnny Rotten, he was the lead singer of the Sex Pistols--the world's most notorious band--who shot to fame in the mid-1970s with singles such as 'Anarchy in the UK' and 'God Save the Queen.' So revolutionary was his influence, he was even discussed in the Houses of Parliament, under the Traitors and Treasons Act, which still carries the death penalty. Via his music and invective, he spearheaded a generation of young people across the world who were clamoring for change--and found it in the style and attitude of this most unlikely figurehead. With his next band, Public Image Ltd (PiL), Lydon expressed an equally urgent impulse in his make-up--the constant need to reinvent himself, to keep moving. From their beginnings in 1978, he set the groundbreaking template for a band that continues to challenge and thrive in the 2010s. He also found time to collaborate on new dance records with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa and Leftfield. From his beginnings as a sickly child of immigrant Irish parents who grew up in post-war London, to his present status as a vibrant, alternative national hero, Lydon has remained a compelling and dynamic figure--both as a musician, and, thanks to his outspoken, controversial, yet always heartfelt and honest statements, as a cultural commentator.

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'UNDERSVIK' Vinyl out March 9!

We are so happy about the warmth we've been reciving on our album 'Undersvik'  and now the vinyl version is on its way. The vinyl will be a limited edition release of only 250 copies, so if you are into vinyl, don't sleep on this one!  :)

BUY VINYL: http://shop.lamour.se/shop/vinyl/the-deer-tracks-undersvik/ (FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!)


Said about 'UNDERSVIK' in the media:

Indie Shuffle
“I was under the impression that it’d be quite hard to pull off something original in 2017, but The Deer Tracks seem to have convinced me otherwise.Apparently the Swedish duo have been around for a while, though I must confess that this is my first time a song has resonated with me. And boy oh boy does it resonate.”
Electronic north
Home is an ethereal slice of indie electronic goodness from this exciting Swedish band who have just returned after a three year break. We’re glad they’re back.”

Weekly Indie Pop
“It’s hard not to respect the fact that a band touring so frequent as The Deer Tracks still manages to create a record filled to the absolute breaking point with creativity and content.”
Too many Blogs
“With this new album they remind us that they remain very much at the cutting edge of electronic music in Scandinavia and beyond.”
“Vibrant textures coloured with the neon lights of all the cities The Deer Tracks have visited dance in a kaleidoscope of warmth, embraced by whimsical vocals that whiz you from one city to the next, and back home.”
“…the poetic 10-track album sounds like an ethereal old soul breathing with newborn lungs. Welcome back, we missed you!”

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WHITE LIES Share Video for "Don't Want To Feel It All" + U.S. Tour Dates



"White Lies are back with brilliant new record Friends." Daily Mirror
"Frontman Harry McVeigh seems to have found a new lease of life." Independent
"The buoyant tunes prove that White Lies can still challenge the Killers for massive choruses." NME
"Melancholic synth rock that justifies why they're held in such high regard in this country." Gigwise
"A rather impressive return...this is White Lies doing what they do best." CLASH

White Lies have released a new video for track 'Don't Want To Feel It All', taken from current album Friends released late 2016. The video was directed by Alex Alvarez and shows White Lies during their recent European tour at the Sala Razzmatazz, Barcelona and Sala Marco Aldany in Madrid.

With a nod to 80's synth pop romanticism, 'Don't Want To Feel It All' holds a melange of tropical sheen and yearning uproars of supercharged melody to a dynamic tempo as frontman Harry Mc'Veigh sings catchy chorus; "I don't want to feel it all, but know what fuels it. I don't wanna feel it all, but don't wanna lose it."

The ten-track album Friends is now available on CDvinylpicture discdigital downloadand streaming formats, as well as a special box set edition which includes a cassette and four exclusive bonus tracks.

Friends was recorded in Bryan Ferry's private studio in London's Olympia and was self-produced by the band. White Lies enlisted the help of an expert team includingGrammy Award-winning engineer James Brown (Foo FightersArctic Monkeys), David Wrench (Caribou, FKA Twigs) on mixing duties and long-term collaborator Ed Bullerwho contributed additional production.

A full list of White Lies Tour dates are below: 
 BUY TICKETS HERE: http://whitelies.com/live
February 2017
1st - Washington DC - 9:30 Club
2nd - New York, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
3rd - Boston, MA -  Middle East Club
4th - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace
6th - Chicago, IL - Lincoln Hall
7th - Madison, WI - Majestic Theatre
8th - Minneapolis, MN - Cedar Cultural Center
11th - Vancouver BC - Rickshaw Theater
12th - Seattle, WA - Nectar Lounge
14th - San Francisco, CA -  The Chapel
15th - Los Angeles, CA - El Ray Theatre
17th - Guadalajara - Teatro Diana
18th - Mexico City -  El Plaza Condesa
19th - Monterrey, Cinema Rio 70
22nd - UK, Coventry, Academy
23rd - UK, Newcastle O2 Academy
24th  - UK, Sheffield O2 Academy
25th - UK, Oxford O2 Academy
27th - UK, Cardiff University
28th - UK, Leicester O2 Academy
March 2017
2nd - UK, Portsmouth Pyramids
3rd - UK, Hull University
4th - UK, London Troxy
6th - UK, Preston Guildhall
7th - UK, Aberdeen Garage
8th - UK, Edinburgh Potterrow
11th - UK, Keele University
12th - UK Norwich UEA

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ENTRANCE Releases "Not Gonna Say Your Name" Protest Song to Benefit Planned Parenthood | Playing Panache's Benefit Concert in LA 2/14!

ENTRANCE Releases Brand New Protest Song,
“Not Gonna Say Your Name” With All Proceeds Being Donated to Planned Parenthood

Performing at Planned Parenthood Benefit in Los Angeles
on February 14th 

Visit The Talkhouse to See Entrance’s List of His Favorite Protest Songs


New York, NY – January 16th, 2017 – Earlier today, Los Angeles-based musician Guy Blakeslee(aka ENTRANCE), released a new track, “Not Gonna Say Your Name,” in advance of the President-elect’s impending inauguration.  Blakeslee says of the song, “I really wanted to write a song expressing my own feelings about the election and the state of things in our country – like many I was in a state of mourning.  I wondered, how can I sing about this without saying his name?”

In addition to penning his own protest song, Blakeslee has created a playlist of his favorite other songs of that theme and has given it exclusively to 
The Talkhouse, – click HERE to listen to his picks, as well as his own song!

“Not Gonna Say Your Name” is now available via Thrill Jockey on participating DSPs, with all proceeds from song purchases and streams going directly to Planned Parenthood, an organization that Blakeslee holds near and dear to his heart.  “I decided to use the song to benefit PP because one of the things that is so shocking about the election result is that it sends such a negative message to women and girls,” he says.  “It's the least I could do - for all of the women in the world, in my life, and especially for my mother - to fight back and make a clear statement that we will not accept this backwards agenda.”

Entrance is also honored to announce that he will be performing at a 
Planned Parenthood Benefit taking place in Los Angeles at the Teragram Ballroom this Valentine’s Day alongside artists including Ty SegallKevin Morby, and King Tuff.  More information can be found below.

“Not Gonna Say Your Name” is now available for purchase via all DSPs and can be found here via 
BandcampThrill Jockey, and Spotify – with all proceeds being donated to Planned Parenthood. ENTRANCE will also be releasing Book of Changes, his first album in almost a decade, on February 24, via Thrill Jockey.

ENTRANCE + Thrill Jockey SPOTIFY Playlist URL:

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NYRE @ 4th Street Vine Long Beach

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FOXYGEN the tour 2017

Come see the touring production of our new album, Hang. 

2/22 Amsterdam, NL - Paradiso Amsterdam
2/23 Berlin, DE Columbia Theater Berlin
2/24 Brussels, BE - Orangerie
2/25 Paris, FR - Le Trabendo
2/27 London, UK - KOKO London

3/18 Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino
3/19 Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino

3/21 Richmond, VA - The National
3/22 Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
3/24 New York, NY - TERMINAL 5
3/25 Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
3/26 Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
3/28 Toronto, ON - The Opera House
3/30 Columbus, OH - Newport Music Hall
3/31 Chicago, IL - The Vic Theatre
4/1 Madison, WI - Majestic Madison 
4/2 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue & 7th St Entry (First Ave)
4/4 Englewood, CO - Gothic Theatre
4/5 Salt Lake City, UT - The State Room
4/7 San Francisco, CA - The Independent
4/8 Los Angeles, CA - Fonda Theatre
4/9 Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory Orange County
4/11 Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom
4/13 Dallas, TX - Trees Dallas
4/14 Austin, TX - Mohawk Austin
4/15 Houston, TX - White Oak Music Hall
4/17 New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jacks
4/18 Atlanta, GA - Terminal West
4/19 Asheville, NC - The Orange Peel
4/20 Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle

7/14 Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival
7/15 Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival
7/16 Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival 
728 New York, NY - Panorama NYC đź“·: 

photos @cararobbins

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The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Don't Get Lost CD/2LP on A Recordings

Don't Get Lost is the 16th full-length release from The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Recorded from March to October 2016, it is the second album to be fully recorded and produced at BJM leader Anton Newcombe's Cobra Studio in Berlin. Featuring Emil Nikolaisen (of the Norwegian band SerenaManeesh), Pete Fraser (The Pogues, New Young Pony Club) on saxophone, and vocals by Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Tess Parks, and Shaun Rivers -- alongside the BJM lineup of Newcombe, Ricky Maymi, Dan Allaire, Collin Hegna, and Ryan Van Kriedt -- Don't Get Lost mixes the band's psychedelic shoegaze sound with more experimental twists, evoking Metal Box-era PiL, Primal Scream, and even Ornette Coleman over 14 tracks that twist and turn through the known and the unknown of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Don't Get Lost continues a prolific period for Newcombe and the band. Following the 2014 release of the acclaimed Brian Jonestown Massacre album Revelation, Newcombe released his Musique de film imaginé project in 2015 (part of which later appeared in the 2015 Cannes Palme d'Or winner Dheepan), in addition to a duo album with Tess Parks (I Declare Nothing), The BJM's Mini Album Thingy Wingy, and the band's acclaimed 2016 album Third World Pyramid -- not to mention their multiple international tours.

TRACKLISTING 01./A1. Open Minds Now Close 02./A2. Melodys Actual Echo Chamber 03./A3. Resist Much Obey Little 04./A4. Charmed I'm Sure 05./B1. Groove Is In The Heart 06./B2. One Slow Breath 07./B3. Throbbing Gristle 08./C1. Fact 67 09./C2. Dropping Bombs On The Sun 10./C3. UFO Paycheck 11./D1. Geldenes Herz Menz 12./D2. Acid 2 Me Is No Worse Than War 13./D3. Nothing New To Trash Like You 14./D4. Ich Bin Klang

HIGHLIGHTS • The 16th full-length release from The Brian Jonestown Massacre, recorded at BJM leader Anton Newcombe's Cobra Studio in Berlin from March to October 2016. • Mixes the band's psychedelic shoegaze sound with more experimental twists, evoking Metal Box-era PiL, Primal Scream, and even Ornette Coleman. • Features Emil Nikolaisen (of the Norwegian band Serena-Maneesh), Pete Fraser (The Pogues, New Young Pony Club) on saxophone, and vocals by Tim Burgess (The Charlatans), Tess Parks, and Shaun Rivers, alongside the BJM lineup of Newcombe, Ricky Maymi, Dan Allaire, Collin Hegna, and Ryan Van Kriedt. • Double-LP version features 180-gram yellow vinyl. Official website: thebrianjonestownmassacre.com

You can stream album opener "Open Minds Now Close" here: 

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The xx's I See You Out Now

The xx’s I See You Out Now
Touring North American This Spring,
Tickets On Sale Today
To Appear On “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” January 17
January 13, 2017 — I See You, the long awaited third album from The xx, is out today on Young Turks. Stream and download it here.
The album is receiving early critical acclaim:
“The songs on I See You no longer insist on the austere minimalism of the band’s first two albums. The sonic palette has vastly expanded; there are a few solid dance beats, some plush echoes of the Beach Boys, some resonant and ghostly synthesizer tones, even a sample of Hall & Oates in ‘On Hold.’ The frailty and tension of the xx’s past catalog remain…But there are also new glimmers of confidence.”
“The xx have never been so unguarded, either emotionally or in their musical ambitions.
The result is as haunting as ever.”
I See You…sounds like an attempt to incorporate everyone’s talents into a new version of their sound, one true to their roots but richer and more varied.”
Best New Music, 8.4/10
"On its ambitious new album, the xx has created a vital, magnetic blend of
electronica, balladry and pop.”
 “The music’s dynamics make you feel closely involved in what they’re singing about—the highs as well as the lows. I See You presents a band wiling to be seen.”
“The boldest work yet from a band famous for subtlety—the sound of
The xx hitting the caps-lock key.”
“It feels like this wonderfully languid band may have just received a shot of adrenaline.”
“A cohesive mix of devastating vulnerability and quiet strength built on the British trio's blend of floating synths and delicate guitars.”
I See You marks a new era for the London trio of Romy Madley CroftOliver Sim and Jamie Smith, both sonically and in terms of process. The album was recorded between March 2014 and August 2016 in New York, Marfa, Reykjavik, Los Angeles and London, and produced by Jamie Smith and Rodaidh McDonald.
The xx will tour North America this spring, with headline dates kicking off April 15 in San Francisco, and further shows in Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Philadelphia, New York and more as well as festival slots at Coachella, Bonnaroo, Shaky Knees and others soon to be announced.
Due to popular demand, additional shows have been added in San Francisco, Austin and Toronto. Tickets for all dates are on sale today at 10 a.m. local time; visit thexx.info/tour for more information.
The North American dates will follow a historic European tour, including a record-setting, seven night run at the O2 Academy Brixton in London, marking the longest ever run of sold out shows at the legendary venue, performing to 35,000 people over seven hometown performances.
To celebrate the release of I See You, The xx will appear on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” next TuesdayJanuary 17.
I See You is the follow up to The xx’s two previous albums—xx and Coexist—which have sold over 3 million copies between them, winning a host of accolades along the way. Watch the video for debut single “On Hold,” recorded in Marfa and directed by Alasdair McLellan, HERE.

The xx Live
February 8                  Hovet – Stockholm, Sweden
February 10                Forum – Copenhagen, Denmark
February 12                Sporthalle – Hamburg, Germany
February 13                Heineken Music Hall – Amsterdam, Netherlands – SOLD OUT
February 14                ZĂ©nith – Paris, France – SOLD OUT
February 15                ZĂ©nith – Paris, France – SOLD OUT
February 17                ZĂ©nith – Strasbourg, France
February 18                St. Jakobshalle – Basel, Switzerland
February 20                Mediolanum Forum – Milan, Italy
February 21                Halle Tony Garnier – Lyon, France
February 23                Marx Halle – Vienna, Austria
February 24                Zenith – Munich, Germany
February 25                Arena – Berlin, Germany – SOLD OUT
February 26                Jahrhunderthalle – Frankfurt, Germany – SOLD OUT
February 28                Mitsubishi Electric Halle – DĂĽsseldorf, Germany        
March 1                      Forest National – Brussels, Belgium – SOLD OUT
March 2                      Forest National – Brussels, Belgium – SOLD OUT
March 4                      Motorpoint Arena – Nottingham, UK
March 5                      O2 Apollo Manchester – Manchester, UK – SOLD OUT
March 6                      O2 Apollo Manchester – Manchester, UK – SOLD OUT
March 8                      O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK – SOLD OUT
March 9                      O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK – SOLD OUT
March 10                    O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK – SOLD OUT
March 11                    O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK – SOLD OUT
March 13                    O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK – SOLD OUT
March 14                    O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK – SOLD OUT
March 15                    O2 Academy Brixton – London, UK – SOLD OUT
March 17                    Motorpoint Arena – Cardiff, UK
March 23-25               Festival Estereo Picnic – Bogota, Columbia
March 25                    Lollapalooza – Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 31                    Lollapalooza – Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 1                          Lollapalooza – Santiago, Chile
April 14                        Coachella – Indio, CA
April 15                        Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, CA – SOLD OUT
April 16                        Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, CA
April 19                        Mesa Amphitheatre – Phoenix, AZ
April 21                        Coachella – Indio, CA
April 23                        Rose Quarter Memorial Coliseum – Portland, OR
April 24                        WaMu Theater – Seattle, WA
April 25                        Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre – Vancouver, BC
April 28                        The Palace Theatre – St. Paul, MN
April 29                        The Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
May 1                          Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
May 2                          The Masonic Temple Detroit – Detroit, MI
May 3                          Jacobs Pavilion – Cleveland, OH
May 5                          Express Live! – Columbus, OH
May 6                          Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD
May 8                          South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX
May 9                          Revention Music Center – Houston, TX
May 10                        ACL Live at the Moody Theater – Austin, TX
May 11                        ACL Live at the Moody Theater – Austin, TX
May 12-14                  Shaky Knees – Atlanta, GA
May 14                        The Red Hat Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC
May 16                        Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
May 17                        Skyline Stage at the Mann – Philadelphia, PA
May 19                        Forest Hills Stadium – New York, NY
May 22                        Echo Beach – Toronto, ON
May 23                        Echo Beach – Toronto, ON
May 24                        Parc Jean-Drapeau – Montreal, QC
May 26                        Thompson’s Point – Portland, ME
May 26-28                  Boston Calling – Boston, MA
June 8-11                    Bonnaroo ­– Manchester, TN
July 6                           NOS Alive – Lisbon, Portugal
August 10                    Oya Festival – Oslo, Norway
August 11-13               Flow Festival – Helsinki, Finland
August 18-20               Lowlands Festival – Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
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