The Dandys Warhols ARE BACK This Fall in the USA 2015

The Dandys Warhols ARE BACK This Fall in the USA

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LEVITATION will return to Carson Creek Ranch April 29 - May 1, 2016!

LEVITATION will return to Carson Creek Ranch April 29 - May 1, 2016! To preview our 9th annual festival in Austin, TX, we’re releasing 9 names for the 2016 lineup. We are proud to announce the following artists:

+ many more to be announced!

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Miranda Lee Richards supporting Dandy Warhols west coast tour



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More Robert Mugge films: Black Wax (Gil Scott-Heron), Sun Ra, and Hawaiian Rainbow

MVD Entertertainment Group to release three more films from 
Robert Mugge

"Films of the documentarian Robert Mugge are cultural reference books... Documents of a flourishing below-the-radar culture... They are archival records as well as entertainments."
- Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Black Wax with Gil Scott-Heron (DVD and Blu-ray - November 13)
Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise (DVD and Blu-ray - December 11)
Hawaiian Rainbow / Kumu Hula: Keepers Of A Culture  (DVD - December 11)
Since 1973, Robert Mugge has made more than 30 films, the majority of which have focused on music and musicians. According to Mugge, "In my films, music frequently serves as a leaping-off point for discussions of social issues, cultural issues, political issues, even religious issues. In fact, I tend to see music as a metaphor for the human spirit."

Black Wax (coming to DVD and Blu-ray on November 13th) is Mugge's 1982 portrait of Gil Scott-Heron, the great poet-singer-songwriter and rap music forefather. It was the first American film to be fully funded by Britain's then-brand-new Channel 4 Television and also likely the first film to use Steadicam from first frame to last. Black Wax centers on the man Melody Maker called "the most dangerous musician alive" and many dubbed the forefather of rap music - and his 10-piece Midnight Band. It was filmed entirely on location in Washington, D.C., primarily at the Wax Museum Nightclub (now defunct). Songs performed by the band include such potent political numbers as "Winter in America," "Alien," "Johannesburg," "Storm Music," "Waiting for the Axe to Fall," "Gun," and "B-Movie" (a scathing analysis of how and why Ronald Reagan was elected President of the United States). Between songs, Mr. Scott-Heron is shown reciting his equally powerful poems ("Paint it Black," "Black History," "Billy Green is Dead," The H2O-Gate Blues," and "Whitey on the Moon"), leading the camera on a unique tour of Washington, D.C. (from the monuments of official Washington through the minority neighborhoods that make up most of the rest), and finally confronting the "ghosts of America's past" (life-sized wax figures of John Wayne, Uncle Sam, Neil Armstrong, Benjamin Franklin, Betsy Ross, four U.S. Presidents, and black leaders from W.E.B. Du Bois to Martin Luther King). This is Mr. Scott-Heron at the absolute peak of his powers. The politics is always entertaining, and the entertainment is nothing if not political. Transferred to HD from the original 16mm film and lovingly restored.

Pre-order from MVDhttp://bit.ly/1h2YTM7

Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise (coming to DVD and Blu-ray on December 11th) is Mugge's definitive documentary portrait of jazz visionary Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Years ahead of his time, composer, keyboard player, bandleader, poet, and philosopher Sun Ra coupled images of outer space with those of ancient Egypt, acoustic instruments with electronic ones, and modern American musical genres (jazz, soul, gospel, blues, swing) with the sounds of Africa and the Caribbean. He also combined his music with dance, poetry, colorful costumes and backdrops, and pure theatricality, influencing other innovative musical ensembles as diverse as the Art Ensemble of Chicago, George Clinton's Parliament Funkadelic, and Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, and he was among the first musicians to use electronic keyboards and portable synthesizers in public performance. For his one-hour documentary, Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise, Robert Mugge spent two years shooting Sun Ra and members of his so-called jazz Arkestra in a wide variety of situations. Ensemble performances were filmed at Baltimore's Famous Ballroom, at Danny's Hollywood Palace in Philadelphia, and on the roof of Philadelphia's International House on the edge of the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. Sun Ra's poetry and mythological pronouncements were filmed in the Egyptian Room of the University of Pennsylvania's anthropology museum, in a sculpture garden in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park, in front of the White House in Washington, D.C., and inside and outside of the house he shared with key band members in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Interviews with band members were filmed inside and outside of the house, as well as inside their nearby Pharaoh's Den food store, and a band rehearsal and a solo keyboard performance were filmed in the house as well. Transferred to HD from the original 16mm film and lovingly restored for the best possible viewing experience. Songs performed in the film include such Sun Ra classics as "Astro Black," "Mister Mystery," "We Travel the Spaceways," "Along Came Ra/The Living Myth," "Spaceship Earth (Destination Unknown)," "Requiem for Trevor Johnson," and many more. This release also includes extended audio versions of these and other songs.

Pre-order from MVDhttp://bit.ly/1MUvpym

Hawaiian Rainbow / Kumu Hula: Keepers Of A Culture (coming to DVD on December 11th) is Mugge's feature-length films on Hawaiian music and dance, both traditional and modern, released together. In the 1970s, Hawai'i began what is known as the Second Hawaiian Renaissance, a period of renewed interest in native Hawaiian history, language, crafts, music, dance, and spirituality. Out of that period of resurgence came enormous social, cultural, and political excitement and activity which, to a great extent, continues to this day. Inspired by what he encountered during his first visit to Hawai'i in 1986, Mugge joined forces with state politician Dr. Neil Abercrombie (later to become the U.S. Congressman from Honolulu and then Governor of the state), University of Hawai'i ethnomusicologists Dr. Ricardo D. Trimillos and Jay W. Junker, kumu hula and educator Vicky Holt Takamine, and Honolulu Academy of Arts film programmer Ann Brandman to produce an 85-minute documentary on Hawaiian music shot largely on the Island of O'ahu, and then, with the help of Cove Enterprises executives Roy Tokujo and Ronald Letterman, an 85 minute documentary on Hawaiian dance shot on all six of the primary Hawaiian Islands. In both cases, Dr. Abercrombie was able to convince his former colleagues in the state legislature to fund the films because of their educational and promotional value for the state. Hawaiian Rainbow, a 1987 film about Hawaiian music, examines Hawai'i's traditional chants, percussion, ukulele, slack-key and steel guitar, male and female falsetto, and lush vocal harmonies, many of them accompanied by authentic Hawaiian dance styles. Kumu Hula: Keepers Of A Culture, a 1989 film about the art of the hula, explores Hawaiian dance traditions going back to 500AD when Polynesians first arrived in the islands. Those traditions have been passed along from generation to generation by kahuna (priests and sages) and kumu hula (master teachers). In this film, shot at exotic locations throughout the islands, Vicky Holt Takamine and other respected kumu hula reveal ancient traditions that have survived, flourished, and (where appropriate) evolved in spite of attempts by Nineteenth Century missionaries, plantation owners, and US Marines to repress Hawai'i's indigenous culture. Together, these two films present Hawaiian art and life as few outsiders have seen it: rich, expressive, colorful, and utterly unique. In 2015, both films were transferred to HD video from their original 16mm and stereo audio masters and lovingly restored.

Pre-order from MVDhttp://bit.ly/1h2ZayP

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Pure Bathing Culture Premiere New Track "Singer" with Live Video on Stereogum




 "Singer" on Stereogum or YouTube
LISTEN: "Palest Pearl" on NY Magazine's Vulture or SoundCloud

WATCH: "Pray for Rain" on The FADER & YouTube  
LISTEN: "Pray for Rain" on SoundCloud & Interview Magazine
Pure Bathing Culture has shared a new track, "Singer," with Stereogum as part of their feature coverage on the band and their forthcoming album, Pray for Rain. As writer Claire Lobenfeld aptly points out, "Pray for Rain is anything but light. The album largely deals with ideas of communication: the way two people connect romantically - particularly Hindman and Versprille themselves - how we explain our personal desires to others, and what happens when our ability to communicate becomes hindered." The band goes on to discuss the deeper motivations behind their songs, including singles "Palest Pearl" and "Pray for Rain," and the layers of communication that are uncovered in each.

The video for "Singer" was filmed at Braund Sound in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and features Otto Hauser (touring drummer for Sharon Van Etten, Jeff Tweedy) on percussion. "Singer is a very personal song," the band shared. "Obviously, it's autobiographical in regards to Sarah's journey, but also in a greater sense it's about what it feels like and how hard it can be to let go of the things that hold us back from our greatest potential."
Pray For Rain is the band's second studio album and first with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Swans, Angel Olsen, The Walkmen) at the helm. It is a big leap forward which one can hear from the opening notes of their anthemic title track: in Hindman's clean yet serpentine guitar lines interacting with the live rhythm section and Versprille's lucid vocals cutting through it all. Pray for Rain is the sound of the group confidently taking a step up to the next level and finding their footing as a true band.    

Versprille summarizes the Pray for Rain experience as one of "stepping into the realm of discovering who we are as a band and as songwriters," echoing a theme of the album itself, the process of change and transition. "You can find the best version of yourself in those hardest moments," she said.

Pray For Rain will be released October 23 on Partisan Records in the US (Memphis Industries in the EU). The band have shared singles "Palest Pearl" with New York Magazine's Vulture and title track "Pray For Rain," with Zane Lowe's flagship show on Beats1 and in a deep-diving Q&A with Interview Magazine. The "Pray for Rain" video premiered on The FADER. The album is available for pre-order now.
Pure Bathing Culture are currently on a North American headline tour hitting major markets across the U.S. and Canada including New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Montreal, Washington DC, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. They will be joined by indie pop act & fellow Portland residents, Wild Ones. A full list of dates is available below and tickets are on sale now.

"...danceable/devastating (occasionally at the same time)" --Gorilla vs. Bear
"Pure Bathing Culture's 'Pray For Rain' may be the best song I've heard all year." --The Awl
"['Pray For Rain'] adds new oomph to the duo's crystalline transcendental yacht-pop..." --Stereogum 

"[Versprille's] voice layers with clean synths, guitars, and bass for a song that has an overarching uplifting tone, despite its relatively somber lyricism."
--Interview Magazine
"quite possibly one of our favorite albums of the year" --My Old Kentucky Blog

"...the song is an enticing preview of a record that promises to display the band coming into their own as musicians and songwriters." --Wild Honey Pie



Pray For Rain 
October 23, 2015 
Partisan Records
Track listing: 
1. The Tower 
2. Pray For Rain 
3. Palest Pearl 
4. Clover 
5. Darling, Save Us 
6. Singer 
7. She Shakes 
8. Maximillian's Ring 
9. I Trace Your Symbol 
10. In the Night, In the Peaceful Night  

Tour Dates
10/01/15 - Toronto, ON - The Drake *
10/02/15 - Montreal, QC - Bar Le Ritz *
10/03/15 - Boston, MA - Middle East Upstairs *
10/04/15 - Brooklyn, NY - Baby's All Right *
10/06/15 - Philadelphia, PA - Boot & Saddle *
10/07/15 - Washington, DC - DC9 *
10/08/15 - Carborro, NC - Cat's Cradle Back Room *
10/09/15 - Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn *
10/10/15 - Asheville, NC - The Mothlight *
10/12/15 - St. Louis, MO - The Demo *
10/13/15 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar *
10/27/15 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
10/29/15 - San Francisco, CA - The Chapel *
11/01/15 - Santa Barbara, CA - SOhO Restaurant and Music Club *
11/02/15 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo *
11/04/15 - Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom *
11/07/15 - Dallas, TX - Three Links *
11/08/15 - Norman, OK - The Opolis *
11/09/15 - Omaha, NE - Reverb Lounge *
11/11/15 - Denver, CO - Hi-Dive *
11/12/15 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court *
11/13/15 - Boise, ID - Neurolux *
* = w/ Wild Ones

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HANSON Announce Live Stream on Yahoo Live; Roots & Rock Tour Starts Next Week


HANSON announces an exclusive Yahoo live stream of their Chicago concert on October 8 at 7:30pm CT. Fans can catch the live stream on the Live Nation Channel on Yahoo or through the Yahoo Screen App on mobile (iOS & Android) and connected devices (Apple TV, Roku, Xbox).
After two years without a North American tour, HANSON is returning with a special 10-city tour across the US and Canada, featuring 2 concerts in each of the 10 major markets. Paul McDonald will be supporting each night one of the tour and CARRICK will be supporting each night two. The tour marks the launch of the band's craft beer, Mmmhops Pale Ale, in new markets across the country.
"This tour is all about celebrating our musical journey, starting with a night of cover songs that have inspired us, followed by a night of rare tunes and fan favorites. Each night will be a totally unique experience," said Isaac Hanson.
In addition to the two special concerts, at each tour stop the band's Hanson Brothers Beer will be presenting an after-party, which will feature a special DJ set from Taylor Hanson and showcase Mmmhops Pale Ale in select cities. This fall will mark the first time the award-winning beer has been available in many of the tour markets.
"This is a special tour so we felt it deserved a special party, plus we are thrilled to be able to share our Mmmhops Pale Ale with a lot of our fans for the first time," said Taylor Hanson.
Tickets are still on sale as a 2-night package giving all attendees a complete musical experience. The after-party will be available to concert goers as an add-on to the ticket package.
The band will also continue its Take The Walk Campaign, which fights extreme poverty in Africa through one-mile barefoot walk events and grassroots fundraising. Walks are lead by the band, and will be held before concerts in each city on the tour.
Since the release and world tour behind 2013's acclaimed sixth studio album ANTHEM, HANSON has been working with a number of other artists, including a collaboration with Blues Traveler, 'Top Of The World' released in Spring 2015, and the infectious pop song 'Unbelievable' with Owl City, released in July.
For ticketing information go to Hanson.net.
The complete HANSON Roots & Rock n Roll Tour dates are below:
Wed 7 & Thu 8 - Chicago IL - House Of Blues
Sat 10 & Sun 11 - Toronto ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre
Tue 13 & Wed 14 - Cleveland OH - House Of Blues
Fri 16 & Sat 17 - New York NY - Irving Plaza
Mon 19 & Tue 20 - Atlanta GA - Center Stage
Thu 22 & Fri 23 - New Orleans LA - House Of Blues
Sat 24 & Sun 25 - Dallas TX - House Of Blues
Thu 29 & Fri 30 - Portland OR - Hawthorne Theatre
Sun 1 & Mon 2 - Los Angeles CA - Fonda Theatre
Tue 3 & Wed 4 - San Francisco CA - The Fillmore

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DRENGE Unveil Music Video for "The Woods" + On Tour Now


New Single "The Woods" Out October 2nd -PRESS HERE to Watch Music Video
On Tour in North America Now

Today, Drenge premiered the video for their new single "The Woods", shot on location at the cement factory in Hope, Derbyshire. The cement factory is the largest of its kind in the UK and a sprawling industrial mass that cast a shadow over the childhood of the band's Loveless brothers, who could see its towering chimney from the playing fields of their old school"The cement factory is visible from miles around and its own train line ran past our old house, shaking the walls every couple of hours,"explains Eoin Loveless. "The Woods is a song about a walk I made with my dad, it's about religion and what happens to our bodies after we die. It's also about being introduced to music whilst driving around the moors late at night."  "The Woods" is out October 2nd and the latest song to be lifted from their critically acclaimed album Undertow, which scored rave reviews across the board upon release in April via Infectious Music.
Watch "The Woods": https://youtu.be/M7bLzcg-DBk
Last weekend Drenge played Brixton Academy as special guests of their friends and peersWolf Alice, the final date of a triumphant ten-day UK tour. The bands now join forces for a full US tour running to October 15th, with support from Made Violent.

Drenge shows 2015
*w/ Wolf Alice & Made Violent
30 September - Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, USA *
1 October - U Street Music Hall, Washington, DC, USA* 
2 October - Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY, USA *
3 October - Adelaide Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada*
5 October - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA *
6 October - Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL, USA *
8 October - Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO, USA
11 October - Valley Bar, Phoenix, AZ, USA *
12 October - The Irenic, San Diego, CA, USA *
13 October - Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA *
15 October - The Chapel, San Francisco, CA, USA *

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FIDLAR Performs "West Coast" on Jimmy Kimmel Live



In case you missed it, last night FIDLAR made their network television debut, with a performance of "West Coast" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the clip HERE. The band also performed their song "Why Generation" for Kimmel's online channels. Watch it HERE.  
FIDLAR's sophomore album Too is available now via Mom + Pop Records HEREThe band is currently on the road for an extensive headlining U.S. tour that will wrap on Halloween with a two-night hometown stand at the Regent Theater. In November the band will embark on a European tour. Tour dates and ticket information are available HERE
"The new record doesn't scrimp when it comes to giant hooks or appropriately buzzed-out guitars, but it does add an extra layer to finesse to the band's reliably scrappy songs." Stereogum
"An even more brutally honest FIDLAR, like the same word written with a thicker pen and darker ink." Noisey
"Hefty helpings of both undeniable hooks and rip-roaring gusto." Consequence of Sound
"When it comes to snotty aggression and booze-fueled distortion, the Los Angeles punk band is humming at peak power on its wild new album, Too." LA Times
"The group keeps it's lo-fi, distortion-tinged California odes intact on Too, while aiming a little higher (pun intended).'" Entertainment Weekly

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No Joy Announce Fall Tour with DIIV | Premiere New Music Video

No Joy Announce 
North American Fall Tour with DIIV
October 10th - November 8th

No Joy announce their upcoming North American Fall tour with DIIV, kicking off October 10th at The Sinclair in Boston. To celebrate, No Joy premiere a new music video today at Noisey for the track “Judith,” a song from their new album More Faithful, out now on Mexican Summer

No Joy Tour Dates:

More Faithful is No Joy’s third full-length album for Mexican Summer, produced by Jorge Elbrecht (Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Chairlift, Lansing-Dreiden, Violens). Throughout the album, singer / guitarist Jasamine White-Gluz, guitarist Laura Lloyd, drummer Garland Hastings, and bassist Michael Farsky (formerly of Dirty Beaches’ live band) push themselves to new peaks of intensity. 

The outcome is as unwavering as ever – a juxtaposition of unrest and calm, beauty and chaos, truth and fantasy. Everything pitched toward the throes of dimmed amps and hair-whipping guitar goddess rock music. There is no question that More Faithful is the most forward, throttling record No Joy has made taking their sound to the wall in a brazen display of beauty-laced power.

Pitchfork describes No Joy’s latest album as “both massive and soft around its edges, layering elements of surf-rock and psychedelia” while NPR refer to their sound as “ethereal, breezy.” The Montreal based quartet have also been featured in BillboardThe Village VoiceRookie MagazineTeen Vogue and many more.

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